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{PICTURE: Lloyd and Millie Bean}
Millie and I decided to go ahead and get married anyway. We went down by train to Salt Lake City, Utah all by ourselves. We walked around the court house several times and finally asked a man if that was the courthouse. He laughed. He knew why we were there. We stayed in the hotel that night and next morning - 12 September 1923 - we went to the temple by 7 o'clock. We never got out until 5:00 p.m. that afternoon. That was one session. They called the names from the back of the alphabet and so we were nearly the last to be called. Joseph Fielding Smith, who was then an apostle, married us.

{PICTURE: Salt Lake Temple B&W)
When we got out of the temple Millie was sick. We went to my brother, Clarence's house, as he was living in Salt Lake City at that time. We stayed there that night and the next. They gave Millie some caster oil and that didn't help her at all. She was really sick with the diarrhea all night. They just laughed at us. When she felt better we borrowed Clarence's car and went to Provo to see my uncle. Then we went over to Salem to see other relatives. We returned by train to Pocatello. There was no reception for us. I don't remember getting any more than one present and that was from my parents who gave us an iron. Millie had dishes, linen, those things necessary to the setting up of a household. I don't remember having to buy much of anything except some furniture. Our parents gave us some odd pieces of this also.

I worked for the railroad until the next spring. (1924) We lived in a basement apartment.