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0n February 18, 1951, I was put in as bishop of the Jameston Ward. That was a great shock to me. I knew how incapable I felt but it was a great growing experience. When my call came I had to wait until the 25 March 1951 to be set apart. This was a most difficult time for me because I now had the full responsibility, I felt most inadequate, 1 did not yet have the ordained power.

After being set apart by Elder Delbert L. Stapley of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on the 25 March 1951. I felt power and new strength come to me. What I thought I could not do before - with the power of the Lord I found I could do in an appropriate manner. I felt a new assurance that I could now meet the challenges that would come. Taking over after Bishop LeRoy Fielding who had served well for some 15 years was hard in its self.

Many times in the next weeks and months I came home after our meetings and could have cried because of the opposition I felt from groups of ward members who opposed the direction I felt we ought to take in various important projects in the ward. This was particularly true as decisions concerning the building of our church had to be made.

My counselors were Ferron Blake and Wesley Curtis who served with me the entire time of my time in office. In choosing them I felt a particularly strong feeling. They supported me and were dependable men. Brother Curtis had a quick temper which sometimes got in his way. We had only one clerk the whole time. How I'd have liked to have had another one to help with the building finances.

After my call we proceeded with plans to do something concerning our ward building as it was too small. I felt so strongly that we should have a new building. The carpenter, who was my brother, Clarence, had done considerable work on church buildings came and inspected our building and agreed with me. Many in the ward and the Stake President felt we should just remodel and add on. I made one trip to Salt Lake to see Bishop LeGrande Richards who when he had all the facts agreed with me. He said: "Brother Bean, if you can go back to your ward and convince your members and the stake president we will go along with you." I could not do that so we had no other choice but to add on.
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The years since have proved that a new building would have met the expanding needs of the ward much better as at least two additional building projects have had to be done, Ground Breaking was September 8, 1952, The ward rallied in full support as the building began. As time went by and dedication time was within weeks we still owed about $3,000.00. We decided to put on a ward program, the Relief Society furnished food, we had a dance for which we charged tickets. Those who had paid their building assessment got in free; the rest had to buy tickets or pay theirs. We raised $2,800.00 that night. Dedication was on schedule taking place 13 September 1953. Antoine R. Ivins of the First Presidency of the Seventies represented the General Church Authorities and offered the dedicatory prayer.