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One day when Ruth and Ralph were small children Millie missed them. She looked all over and finally found them down in the barn with the

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{PICTURE: 52 Bess and Her Colt}
the horse 'Ole Bess'. They were busy making a harness for her out of twine string. They had twine over her, under her, between her legs, around her tail and everywhere. She never even moved and they had fixed her up good.

We raised Bess from a colt. She was a smaller horse so I broke her to ride and to neck rein. She had the most comfortable gait which ranged from a fast walk to a trot. She could cover a lot of ground in a day. You would never be sore from riding her. Millie loved to ride her because of this. She was so good with the children I think most of the children learned how to ride on her. She got so she was pretty wise with the children.