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{PICTURE: 36 Wanda, Lloyd, and Arlene}
{PICTURE: 36 Arlene at Nursing Graduation}
{PICTURE: 36 Arlene as Missionary}
{PICTURE: 36 Arlene and Keith Marriage}

Arlene came to us the 20 August 1925. Millie went down to my mother's home in Teton to have her. She was gone for three weeks during which time I batched it on the dry farm. Arlene grew up liking to be with me and do everything I did outside. She was our "tomboy". She went to nurse's training in Idaho Falls at the L.D.S. Hospital after high school graduation in 1943. In 1947 she went on a mission to old Mexico for two years. She married Keith Hansen Meservy 27 December 1951 in the Logan Temple. They have two sons and two daughters.