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Ralph David Bean

He and Ruth, the twins, were born the 20 January 1931, at Wilford, Idaho. Millie had gone to stay with her mother again. Wanda was not in school so I had to stay on the dry farm with her. Arlene and Karma went with their mother. When Blaine Peterson, our neighbor, came over to tell me the good news I didn't believe him. I said: "The hell we do." He had a hard time convincing me. With these it seemed Millie spent all her time nursing them. It really took a lot out of her, she got so thin. She nursed them until they were a year old. in those days there there wasn't the baby food and supplemental formula for feeding that we have today. These were the first of our children that I baptized. Ralph spent time in the Air Force of our country after graduation from high school. He married Lois Ann Curtis on the 4 January 1952 in the Idaho Falls Temple. They have four sons and three daughters. Ralph is a good father and provider for his family. He is a man of his word!

{PICTURE: 38 Ralph as a Kid}
{PICTURE: 38 Arlene, Ralph, Wanda, Ruth}
{PICTURE: 38 Ruth, Karma, Ralph}
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