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Dedicatory Service
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Jamestown Idaho Ward

ANTOINE R. IVINS of the First President of Seventies, Presiding
WESLEY B. CURTIS, Second Counselor, Conducting

* * *
Prelude Music —
Instrumental Music Afton Gotch and Karen Bean
Song, "How Gentle God's Commands" Choir
Song,"Holiness Becometh The House of The Lord" Triple Trio
Alta Chadburn -Ila Allen - Ardella Park - Wanda Christensen - Francis Harker Bessie Park - Theda Cox - Vella Meacham - June Harker
Opening Song, "We Thank Thee ,O God, For A Prophet" Choir and Congregation
Invocation Norman Harker
Remarks Roy E. Fielding, Former Bishop
Remarks Clarence Bean, Building Supervisor
Song, "Oh My Father" and Violin Solo Choir and Afton C. Cook
Remarks Bishop Lloyd J. Bean
Remarks Ferrin J. Blake, Counselor
Song, "We'll Remember Who We Are" Youth Chorus
Composed and Directed by Marie Anderson
Accompanist, Shirley Harker
Remarks J. Berkley Larson, Stake President
Song, "Dedication" Mixed Triple Quartet
Composed and Directed by Marie Anderson
Klea Blake, Nina Fielding, Juanita Curtis, June Harker, Vella Meacham, Francis Harker, Norman Harker, Arthur Park, Rolan Christensen, Jack Draney, Arvel Fielding, John Harker
Dedicatory Address and Prayer Antoine R. Ivins
Closing Song, "Before Thee, Lord, I Bow My Head" Choir
Composed by Joseph H. Dean
Benediction Oscar Burke
Organ Postlude, "Largo" Afton Gotch

* * *

Choir Director, KLEA BLAKE
Accompanists, AFTON GOTCH and KAREN BEAN

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Jameston Ward Bishopric
{PICTURE: 68 Wesley Curtis, 2nd Counselor; Bishop Lloyd J Bean; Ferrin J. Blake, 1st Counselor}
{PICTURE: 68 Jameston Ward Building Sunday September 13, 1953}