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{PICTURE 69 Ground Breaking Ceremonies Held by Francis Harker}

OFFICIATING at ground breaking ceremonies for the Jameston L. D. S. church Monday morning were the following: (front row (l to r) George Grover, J. Cortez Christensen, J. Berkeley Larsen, and Bishop Lloyd J. Bean; (back row l to r) Norman Harker, Roy E. Fielding, Ferron J. Blake and Wm. M. Harker

Jameston - Ground breaking ceremonies were held last Monday morning at 8 a.m. for the new addition to the Jameston church. It was a thrill for every member of the huge crowd present because additional space has been needed for a long time, and it has taken a number of years to raise the necessary funds to get the remodeling program started. The building program was started under former bishop Roy E. Fielding, and the people of the ward have been working constantly since then.

The original building which is now in use was built about 1915. Bishop Christian Anderson was the first bishop of the ward, and his counselors were George H. Longhurst and Fred H. Wadsworth. The name of Jameston was given to the ward in honor of James Duckworth who was president of the orignal Blackfoot Stake. Before the church was built, meetings were held in the old school house, which later burned down and was replaced.

The program for the ceremony was very impressive and began with a word of welcome from our present bishop, Lloyd J. Bean. The congregation - sang. "0 Ye Mountains," conducted by John Harker, and the opening prayer was given by 'Wesley B. Curtis. President J. Berkeley Larsen spoke and commended the people on the manner in which the funds for the building were gathered., He also spoke about the building program which has been carried on in the stake and gave many words of encouragement to the present ward members. Ferron J. Blake spoke and encouraged the people to participate in the program if they had not already, so that when their grandchildren came along, they can say, "I too had a part in this building." A trio was sung by Marie Andersen, June Harker and Viola Hillman. The words to the song were composed by Marie Andersen and Viola Hillman. The closing prayer was given by Roy E. Fielding.

Bishop Bean broke the first shovel of ground after the closed prayer.

Present from the Stake presdency besides Mr. Larsen were J. Cortez Christensen and Geo. E. Grover. School was dismissed for an hour or so to enable the school children and the teachers to attend. There were also many former ward members in attendance, among them some who were present at the ceremonies for the old building.

There are now 74 families in the ward and 373 members.

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Ground-Breaking Day
(Tune: Our Mountain Home so Dear)

Father, we've met today to humbly sing and pray
Thankful to Thee, thankful to Thee.
For this dear valley fair, for all we've prospered here
For the gospel that we share, . Lord, bless us still.

Hallow and bless this ground and all the people round
Let love abide, let love abide.
Let all the past be done, help us to work as one
Now this chapel is begun, let love-abide,

Bless all the builders too, help them build strong and true
This church to Thee, this church to Thee
Guide every heart and hand that we may wisely plan
For a chapel that will stand throughout the years.

Dear Lord, we humbly pray on this ground breaking day,
Help us to be one in unity,
May strength and courage be in our Community,
That our Ward will better be—-
When our work is through.
By Marie Anderson and Viola Hillman

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, Sunday, September 14, 1952
{PICTURE: 70 SL Trib Groundbreaking Picture}
Lloyd J. Bean - Bishop, holds shovel and stands with J. Berkeley Larsen, Shelley L D S Stake president, left, and Norman Harker, chairman of building committee, during groundbreaking.

Ground Breaking
Ceremony Held
(Special to The Post-Register)
SHELLEY, Sept. 9. — Ground breaking ceremonies were held for the addition to the Jameston LDS ward church, Monday morning with 175 spectators watching the ceremony.

"0 Ye Mountains High" was sung by the group led by John Harker. Wesley B. Curtis, second counselor, presented the invocation. A trumpet solo was played by Jay Fielding.

Speakers included Bishop Lloyd J. Bean, Stake President J. Berkely Larsen and Ferron J. Blake, first counselor. A vocal trio composed of Marie Anderson, June Harker and Viola Hillman sang an original song with words written by Marie Anderson to the tune of "Our Mountain Home So Dear! Roy E. Fielding, former bishop, presented the benediction.

The old building is being enlarged to house classrooms, recreation hall, Relief society room and a kitchen. It will measure approximately 65 by 75 feet and will be constructed of brick veneer. The front of the old building will be remodeled with the same type of brick.

Members of the building and finance committee include Roy E. Fielding, Arval W. Curtis, Lyle I. Hillman, William Greenhalgh, El-yin Shears, Clifford 3. Crooks, Don L. Cox, William Fielding and Eugene Burke.

Workers hope to have the roof completed before cold weather.

Shelley Rites
Mark Ward
Chapel Start

SHELLEY, ID (Special) — Members of Jameston Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gathered here recently during groundbreaking ceremonies for the ward's new chapel.

A program preceded the groundbreaking ceremony and J. Berkeley Larsen, Shelley L D S Stake president, was featured speaker . Also addressing the gathering was Ferron J. Blake, first counselor in the ward.

Mr. Blake told the group that there is a destiny which will not allow ward members to do the job alone.

"It is all of us working together that will bring our chapel to its final completion," he said. A cattle feeding project supplied $17,000 of the needed funds, he said, reviewing efforts of the membership.

The ward purchased 103 head of cattle which were assigned to farmers in the ward—each farmer responsible for 1 to 17 head. The gain between cost and sale price was credited on individual assessments to the building fund.

The old chapel was erected while Jameston still was under jurisdiction of Blackfoot L D S Stake and was named in honor of the stake president, James Duck-worth.

Membership in the rural area of Shelley L D S Stake now numbers 369 persons.