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My eightieth birthday year was further highlighted with a dinner sponsored by my daughters at which my living brother and sisters and their spouses attended along with my own children who could come. I did appreciate all of this attention though I'm not sure I deserve it.

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The summer of 1981 our family was brought together six times for the temple weddings of my grandchildren: Brenda Hansen, Debbie Hansen, Kevin Searle, David Bean, Barbara Bean, and Jenny Cox. Because of this we decided to not hold a reunion this year. These temple weddings were very happy times for me and the parents as we were able to witness these marriages to the right persons in the right place.

My heart is full, my cup runneth over. I'm so grateful for my family. My love for each one is so strong. My greatest concern is for their happiness and success. I know that following the Lord is the only way to go and as my children and grandchildren choose to follow Him I feel so thankful. I pray that each of you will continue to do so.

{PICTURE: 97 Headstone at Cemetery}

Our tombstone in Fielding Memorial Gardens, Idaho Falls, Idaho

[Editorial Comment]
1981 through 1988 Dad enriched all our lives as he came to live with us in our homes for a period of two months at a time. The grand children loved him as did we but they brought a smile to his lips and gladness to his heart when they met.

Dad was ever solicitous of us and never complaining nor demanding. He never spread gossip from house to house. He was always accepting and thankful for kindnesses given him. What a jewel he is! He was at Karma's home when he passed away quietly 25 November 1988. He was buried beside Mother at the Idaho Falls Memorial Cemetery 1 Dec 1988.