Dear Daddy:

At this time I want to tell you how much you mean to me. It seems the older I get, the more I realize how much you and Mom did for us.

I see so many men out here that don't hold a job because they have bad backs and I remember how sometimes during harvest you could

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hardly stand up because of your back, but you worked harder still than these guys have ever worked. I used to feel we were over worked; now I find that is one of the joys of life, working and doing a good job.

I appreciate your calm, patient nature, I don't ever remember your raising your voice to us.

I appreciate especially the example you set us as a bearer of God's priesthood and patriarch of the home. I felt they were really smart when you were put in as bishop, because I knew you were worthy and that you were humble and would listen to the Lord's promptings.

You often say you don't know much because you didn't have much schooling, but I've always felt you were as educated in the important things of life as anyone with a degree. 1 always respected you and was proud of you as my Dad.

My children now are glad you're their grandpa and you have a real influence for good on them.

We all love you. Thanks again for being the kind of a man you are.