How I wish I could do justice to this task. But due to my inability to actually express to others how I feel or even to put my thoughts to words will make this project hard. I hope that when others read this they may know what is in my heart.

As a child to go to Grandma and Grandpa Beans was something real special. They both radiated an unspoken love that was felt when you were in the presence. Especially Grandma, everybody loved her. Daddy has this same wonderful talent. You always feel his love and love to be around him. Then too he has a way of playing with little children that he wins all of their hearts. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren think you are the greatest.

Daddy and Mother together have worked so hard during their younger days to make a living and to acquire their farm. I know Mother sacrificed a lot living on the dry farm without any conveniences and away from town. But I want you both to know I really appreciate all.

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that you went through there, becaouse to me as a child I think I was raised in a paradise. The trees to play in in the summer, horses to ride, flowers to pick, the snow and skiing in the winter, what more could a child want. Even the shanty, packing water and wood and the cold bedrooms didn't seem hard to me then. Now as a mother, it makes me tired to even think of all you both had to do for us kids.

Dad, you are the hardest working person I have ever met. Each day your goal was and is to accomplish something worthwhile. And you always do. You never leave a task half done or quit because things are too difficult. What a good lesson you could teach the people today. You are surely as the pioneers of old, with so much integrity, honesty, determination, strength of character, and many more worthwhile traits.

You set a good example of prudence and thrift. In the way you can butcher your own meat and cure it. in how you always raise a good garden. You have taught us all well (or tried to) and because of it we love the livestock, the soil and growing things also.

I truly appreciate your sacrifices, your hard work, your love and your understanding. I know we have not always followed your counsel, but that doesn't mean we don't value it and appreciate it. Now that I am a mother, a mother-in-law, and a grandmother, I know what things bring joy and sadness to parents. -- I pray you will forgive me for the heart aches I have caused you. To experience some things is a great teacher. I can empathize with you and the problems and joys - heart aches and triumphs.

You are both, a perfect example at all times. I don't think we ever missed having family prayers each morning, or going to church twice on Sunday when it was available, You both act in every way as a good member of Christ's church should. You were always honest to us and to others. Throughout my life I have always been and still am proud to say who my parents are. Always I get some favorable compliment on what wonderful people you and mother are. You are my IDEAL.

We, Hansen,love you very much.