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Though our family have for years gotten together for a Christmas Holiday Activity, program and delicious food they decided in 1978 to officially form a Lloyd James Bean reunion under Karma Bean Cox's direction. It was held at Ralph's ranch out of Limhi, Idaho. Lois, Ralph's wife was chosen secretary. She composed the following verses to recap the events of this special time together.

{PICTURE: 93 Lloyd Bean and Karen Searle}
{PICTURE: 93 Lloyd Bean with Marshmellow or Dentures}
{PICTURE: 93 Lloyd Bean & Cara Meservy}

Reunion 1978

Come all of you relatives
and you shall hear
Of the Lloyd Bean Reunion,
1978 was the year

Plans were made
and directions given
Go to the Raiph Bean Ranch,
why its almost to heaven.

Pickups, campers, trailers
and tents were soon parked,
On the broad Jolley meadow,
it was just about dark.

A pot luck meal was spread
out on a long wooden table
So everyone ate as long
as they were able.

A campfire was built
and we all gathered round,
Some were on chairs
and the rest on the ground.

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Uncle Paul Searle was the best story teller
If his candle had stayed lit it would've been a best seller.

Mark Meservy told a joke, of the big mouth frog
We laughed so hard that we fell off the log.

A skit by Aunt Karen that we had to audition
The talent displayed will be a tradition.

The Cox girls and Wendy gave a great demonstration
On how not to perform a great operation.

The Paul Bean and Bob Telford children all sang us a song.
What sweet little children, We'll remember them long.

The night it was dark and the hour was late
Ralph Bean told some stories that were really first rate.

The fire burned low and our beds were so warm
When just about five we awoke with alarm.

With a pop and a bang---from our beds we did roll
Who lit those fire crackers was an unfeeling soul.

Breakfast at 7:30, prepared by good cooks
The amount that we ate surely didn't help our looks

We played some fun games and had a great time
We talked genealogy, visited and dined.

We all enjoyed our time spent together
And decided we'd do it again, but make it much better.

So Grandpa Bean, as usual, to our rescue did come
He built two out houses, but we only set up one.

But a shovel and crow bar is by yonder tree
You can dig another hole, its just fine by me.

Were grateful for family and loved ones so dear
We're happy that all of you came again this year.

This was read by Lois at our 1979 get together under the direction of the Miller family. It was another time of good sharing and having fun together. Marcia Meservy stole the show this year by falling off a horse and breaking her arm just above the wrist. Clyde and Wanda had to rush her into the LDS Hospital in Idaho Falls because her parents along with others had driven up to the lake above Ralph's property and could not get back down in less than 2 hours.