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1980 REUNION::::

{PICTURE: 95 Lloyd Bean, Cara Meservy, Mike Meservy}

This was in special tribute to me on my 80th birthday. It was under the direction of the Meservys. After a delicious supper on Friday evening tributes were paid to me around the campfire. Wanda, Karma, Ruth, Linda and Paul all gave especially nice expressions about how they felt about me and the influence of my life and actions upon them and their families. They said they all love me very much.

The Ralph Bean family sang this song for me:
We have a neat Grandpa
He chose Millie for our Grandma
They had a lot of kids from Wanda to Paul.
We have such happy times
It makes our lives sublime
Bean, Bean, we love our ancestry.

Now at this time of year
We're gathered here to share
Everything from food to genealogy
We honor Grandpa Bean
He's the best we've ever seen
Bean, Bean, we love our ancestry

The Meservy family sang to guitar accompaniment the following to the tune of 'May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You", Sally Meservy composed it.

{PICTURE: 95 Lloyd James Bean}

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Oh, it's hard to pay a tribute to the man we love so well
All the good seeds you have planted only time can tell.

Through your life you've lived with honor, and your word's as good as gold,
There has never been a humbler man on earth, I'm told,

You are strong, sincere, and steadfast, but another side we know;
When your cute dry sense of humor lets your teeth put on a show.

You have had your share of mishaps and only heaven knows
Through the years you've kept your guardian angel on his toes.

You were called to serve a mission with your wife to spread His word.
Without fear or hesitation you left home to serve the Lord.

All the love you've shown your family, God and Country we have seen.
You're our dad, our granddad, great grand-dad, your're our Dad Bean.
You're our dad, our grand-dad, great grand-dad, you're our Dad Bean.

The Searles gave highlights of my life using pictures gathered by mother and others over the years of our family. Many of these have been included in this history. This was all done around the camp fire because of the cooperation of each one in providing what was necessary to make it come off. George Hansen provided a generator so that there could be electricity to run the projector. They also furnished a large grill for breakfast cooking. Ralph on his own at his own expense has made improvements each year which make the already desireable spot even more so, such as a long wooden serving table with benches, 2 outhouses and leveling off of the area for campers and tents. It is a beautiful secluded spot by a nice mountain stream in the Jolley meadows of Ralph's ranch. Each year the Ralph Beans and George Hansens provide horses to ride which always adds a real excitement to the occasion.

{PICTURE: 96 1980 Family Reunion Poster}

On Saturday morning, per usual, we all engaged in a fun time with games for everyone. One of the activities was for the different groups to come up with a Bean poster. The Blue Ribbon Prize winner according to the judges was the above.