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Millie and I took several memorable trips. One which we especially enjoyed was to the historical points of the church and the Hill Cumorah pageant in July and August 1975. Millie had been investigating this trip. She really felt that if she didn't go now she would not be able to later. I resisted at first because I didn't want to go with crutches as I was just recuperating from hip surgery but I finally consented to go. I'm so glad I did and that we had this fine experience together for her feelings proved prophetic as she could not have gone later because of ill health. We went on a bus with a LDS tour group.

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Because of my crutches I couldn't go everywhere everyone else did. We held a testimony meeting in the Sacred Grove and partook of the sacrament there. I was going to stay on the bus while the rest of them went up to the Grove because couldn't walk up there. The people who took care of the Joseph Smith home came over and "drove me to the grove in a car. We were two weeks on the bus. There was a group of girls with us who were always singing and entertaining us. We went to the Washington D.C. Temple also.

Another trip we took with a group from Taylor to Hawaii. Mrs. Morley was in charge of this tour. She had taught over there and knew the people. Her daughter had married a Samoan and lived over there. The Hawaiian people took us in and treated us like gold. We went to the Hawaiian temple and visited three other islands. I had to talk in one of their sacrament meetings. We visited a pineapple farm and sugar cane farm. We had a Luau where the pork was roasted on the hot rocks and covered with leaves.

Another trip we took to Mexico when we went back with Arlene after her release from her mission. Linda, Ralph, Fern, Millie and I went on this trip. We had intended to meet Arlene at the border but because of a delayed harvest she came home and then we went back down to Mexico City. We were cautioned to not drink their water. One time Linda got extra thirsty. We stopped and got some tangerines. She ate so many of them she got sick and couldn't eat another one after that. Ralph got so bored going into Catholic churches. One church was on top of a hill and there were nuns crawling up to the church on their knees. Their legs were bleeding and they said this tested their faith. Arlene took us a different place every day. We visited the pyramids outside of Mexico City. I was so impressed with the market place and the dickering Arlene could do with the merchants. One part of the market place they were slaughtering a goat. The flies were so thick you could hardly see the meat. The people would come along and ask for a piece of meat and the guy would slice a piece off and give to them. We went to Monterey to Sunday School and I never heard people sing so great. They sang like they really meant it. I got diarrhea all at once on the way back and was really sick. We drove into Mexico City at night. There are no cops or traffic lights. He who is the bravest goes first. Aunt Fern sat on the edge of her seat and said: "O my God, if we ever get out of here alive!"

We took a great trip to Alaska with Stan and Eva Penfold, Millie's sister and her husband. We drove up to Prince George, Canada and then put our campers on a boat at Prince Rupert to Skagway, Alaska. It was beautiful. We put our campers on a railway to Whitehorse and then drove to Little Switzerland, Fairbanks, Yukon and ValDee. We took a boat to Whittier and went up under a glazier. The captain blew a horn and chunks of the iceberg would fall off. It was rather scary. We took a narrow gauge railway through a seven mile long tunnel and sat right in the pickup all the way. We drove the AlCan highway home which is a gravel rough road - very crooked - about 1000 miles long.

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We saw very few wild animals but beautiful scenery. We were gone a month but should have had two months.

I went to Fort Wayne, Georgia three times for the Shelley school district for buses while I served on the school board. I did not want this job but someone put up my name. As a board member was concerned about the boys who were dropping out and having a way to make living. I was really interested in getting a vocational experience available for them, I was concerned with the students dress and grooming also. I served on the school board for six years, with Eldon Risemay, Dr. Wendell Petty, A.W. Clinger and Claude Rhead. Millie and I were always concerned about our children's education. Early in our residence at Jameston I voted to consolidate with the Shelley district. We were ostracized for this. From the beginning of our move here our concern was evident by the fact that we took our children to Shelley. We felt the Shelley district had much better offering for the children than did the little Jameston school. In due time these small country schools were consolidated with Shelley.

{PICTURE: 76 Idaho Falls Home 1965 on Mound Ave}
In 1965 we bought property and built a house in Idaho Falls. on Mound and L street on a corner lot. It was a beautiful home with a full basement. It was not quite finished when we left on our mission. We rented it while we were gone. We thought it would be nice to live close to the temple to do temple work.