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The sever attacks of fever, chills and coughing spells I had been having for several years on the dry farm were increasing. The doctors were really stumped by what this condition was. They thought at first I had malaria, tests proved that was not it. The attacks got worse then they thought it could be tuberculosis but that also proved wrong. They wondered about undulant fever but that did not prove right. Their final conclusion was that it was related to the dust on the dry farm and how it affected my sinuses. So many times when I worked the soil the dust would just float up all around me until I could not see where I was going. I would breath it all day and cough dirt all night. So the only real solution seemed to be to sell the dry farm. I sure hated to do that. I loved it so very much. Anyway we sold the dry farm to Orrin Martindale and also sold the farm in St. Anthony. In the spring of 1944 with the money from these two we bought a 150 acre farm in Milo which is about 12 miles north east of Idaho Falls on the road to Ririe. We were able to pay for it all but $8,000.00 and that we paid off the first year we were there.

This farm had a big lovely home, two story, and good barns and sheds.

{PICTURE: 59 Barnes and Sheds}
Dr. Rigby from Rexburg had suggested that I try irrigating my sinuses with a salt solution every night He was not sure it would help but it proved to be a great blessing to me along with getting out of the dust. Though I had to dispense with it for a period of time following my heart attack ( 1978 ) I found I do have to still use it once in a while even now to keep these sinuses cleared out. Modern medication don't seem to do the same thing for me. (1982)

Dr. Krugar from Ashton helped me with my back problem which sometimes got so bad I could not even get out of bed or walk. He suggested that I get a support belt with a 2" square pad in the back which seemed to hit right where I had the weakness. When I wore this while doing heavy work it seemed to prevent a serious problem as I had had before.

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While in the Milo Ward I was ordained a High Priest the 17 March 1946 by Stephen R.W. Wilkenson. In this ward I served as a Sunday School counselor. Some of our friends in the ward who thought they knew told me that if we had stayed there longer they believed I would have been the new bishop.

We lived here for three years. The ground was heavy soil. I learned the hard way to farm it. I plowed it in the spring the first year and planted potatoes. Huge clods of dirt came up and we couldn't break them up. I learned that by plowing in the fall, the soil would be loose and very nice to work in the spring. We raised hay, grain and sugar beets. We thinned with short handle hoes and topped them by hand. I got caught in the snow trying to harvest them one year and our neighbors the Hansens helped me get them out.

Another problem was the irrigation ditch which had sink holes. Sometimes I would have a good stream watering and all of a sudden the whole stream would disappear down a hole in the ditch. It sounded like it was going to China. So we sold this farm to Arvil Jeppson for about $35,000.00 and moved to Jameston which is 10 miles north east of Shelley, on a 110 acre farm.

I sold this Milo farm while Millie was attending October General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1947. I had located the Jamestown farm and when Mother saw it she liked it, too, I leveled part of the ground before we moved at a cost of $2,000.00 but we were able to pay that off the first year,

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Milo sojourn: 1944 - 1947

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