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{PICTURE: 49 A SMALL VERSION of the DISK Which Ran over ME}

One time when Ralph was about 6 or 7 years old (1937-8) we were drilling grain. The clutch on the tractor had been slipping and I tightened it that morning. Ralph was with me an the tractor. A rod weeder was hooked in front of the drill. It revolved under the ground and cut the weeds. Some weeds got caught in it. I told Ralph to drive the tractor and I got off to remove them. My overalls got caught in the weeder and it pulled me down to the ground, face down. Ralph couldn't stop the tractor. The grain drill and the discs rolled right over me. It was a large drill about ten feet long. I never even got a mark on me of any kind. As soon as the drill was over me I got up and stopped the tractor. Ralph was scared to death and I guess I was trembling too.