Hay Rack

{PICTURE: 50 Hayrack}
It was threshing time, I had my brother John up helping me finish 30 acres of oats. Millie had come with Arlene and Wanda up to meet us in the buggy. We put it behind the hayrack and they climbed on with us on the hayrack. We started toward home. Something frightened the horses and they began running. John wanted to help me stop them by pulling on the reins too, but I knew this would only break the reins. I couldn't stop them. They jumped offside to miss a post as they turned to go into the corral below our house. This broke the neck yoke of the tongue of the hayrack wagon as it hit the post and the wagon was stopped abruptly. The hayrack had an open front with only cross planks forming the front, so Millie and the two children were thrown right under the horses hooves. They were kicking like fury. Millie was pregnant with Karma at the time. I pulled her out from under their hooves, but in her anxiety for the children went right back under trying to get the kids out. I finally got them all out. We took her down to the doctor the next day and she was all right. She went full term and the baby was born in perfect condition. The two children were not hurt in any way. This was a real miracle to me.