Pump House

{PICTURE: 50 Wanda, Arlene -- Pump HOUSE}
All of the children who were old enough learned to ski while we lived on the dry farm. Ralph was just like a little gingerbread boy. He would put his arms straight out at the side as he skied. Ruth had a hard time keeping up with him. They skied on big wooden skies back and forth to school. It was hard work going up the hills but coming down them was great. It was mostly uphill to the school so they would have to do turkey tracks to keep from slipping backward. Sometimes I would haul them to school in the sleigh and they would ski home. They enjoyed holding onto a pull rope and skiing behind, weaving back and forth across the sleigh track.

When the kids got to school they would stand their skis up in the snow around the schoolhouse. Between the school house and the home of the teacher a cistern had been formed and cemented during the summer. It had a wooden barrel with both ends out in the top of it. On top of that was a cardboard to cover the opening. As the winter progressed the barrel and the cardboard were covered with snow and soon its presence was forgotten by the children. As they went out to ski on the hill to the northwest of the school unknowingly they skied right over the barrel top. One day Arlene and her two friends decided to walk out to the hill instead of ski and they walked along the ski track. She was in the middle and as she stepped on the cardboard it gave way and she landed in about 18 inches of water in the bottom of the cistern. It scared her to death. She

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{PICTURE 51 Front Row (L to R) Ruth Elna Neighborg, A Miller boy, Ralph; Second Row Mrs. Tanner, Ella Mae Sith, Gene Peterson, Arlene, Wanda, Howard C Lark, Gerald Neighborg, Lowell Neighborg, * * * * * * , Billy Miller}

skinned her shoulders and hit the crazy bones on her elbows which caused a lot of pain. A father was called by phone and he brought a rope to pull her out. Everything turned out all right.