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When Bishop Orval Felding approached us about going on a mission, Mother wanted to go. I felt hesitant. But we both felt if the call came we'd go even though it would be hard. We knew the eyes of our children and grandchildren were upon us. We could not fail them, so we said, "Yes, we would accept a call." We were called to enter the mission home April 11, 1966 for

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the Western States Mission with headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

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We had to sell some of our machinery and cattle to pay for our almost completed new home in Idaho Falls. We rented our Jameston farm to Boyd Christensen while we were gone. He was on inactive Mormon but a very good man and an excellent farmer. President and Sister Davis were our first Mission President. They were there just a few months then President and Sister Scott came.

We were assigned first to Sterling, Colorado. No one showed us what we were to do or how we were to do it when we got there. The only instruction we had was that which we had received in the Mission Home in Salt Lake before we left. So we read and studied and read and studied and read and studied for a week until I got so nervous I said to Millie, "We have got to do something." So we learned the hard way and began tracting and knocking on doors. There was a branch here but not many members. There were lots of Catholics in this town. We were here about four months. We didn't have any really promising prospects. I've felt that if we could have followed through a little longer with one couple we were teaching and in whose home we lived

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they would have joined. Though we asked the new missionaries who replaced us to continue with them they did not do so.

Our second assignement was Alliance, Nebraska. I served as Branch President here . There was about 50 members here. There was one couple who were very faithful and came in 40 miles to help out in the Branch. She was the only one in the Branch who played the piano. We stayed here about four months.

Our next assignment was to Burlington, Colorado. We were required to proselyte 60 hours a week. Here we had a young couple who believed all we told them. They attended church several times. Here again there was insufficient follow through when we left. Maybe someday the seeds that were planted in them hearts of these good people will take root and grow and they will become members. I hope so. We were here for five months.

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Then we were sent to Artesia, New Mexico for rest of our mission which was about 11 months. I was Branch President of this small Branch of about 12 members. Bill and Dorothy Greenhalgh had been there before we came. The fellow who had been Branch President was a convert to the church and was not aware of church policies. He always conducted and sat on the stand by himself and his counselors sat in the audience. This was one example. We were helpful in this area of bringing four people of a family into the church while here. The first of this family to join was a 12 year old boy, His intense interest in the church was sparked by a visit he had made to the Salt Lake Visitors Center. He wanted to know more. So we taught him. He was baptized. His mother had sat in on all the discussions, she was up in society, a real dresser and a chain smoker. She attended the baptismal service. She said, "I can't be baptized I can't give up this habit." We assured her that she could with the Lord's help. Two weeks went by, she called us and said she thought she had it conquered and wanted to be baptized. She slipped back again but was truthful about it and finally she did whip it and was

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baptized. In the meantime a daughter who had been in college in Lincoln, Nebraska came home and when asked if she didn't want the discussions said, "Yes, I do." Then she received theme She was engaged to a non—member who opposed the church and wasn't interested in it at all. She said she would not join the church until after her marriage. I talked to her and tried to show her what she would be up against if she married out of the church. Several nights later she called and said she had broken her engagement. She later went to BYU and met a returned missionary and they were married in the temple. They now have a little family. I have asked her several times since if she was sorry for breaking up her engagement. She replied, "Oh, Brother Bean, I'm so grateful I did, it turned out to be the greatest blessing to me." She told us also, "You, two, could convert anybody. You really put the pressure on." Golden contacts like this make all the heartache and struggle of missionary work worthwhile.

The elders liked to come and eat with us whenever they were in our locality because Millie always cooked such good meals and they sure enjoyed them. We enjoyed our mission and it was a great growing experience.

We were released in 1968 to go home. President Scott, the mission president said for us to go home and send out nineteen more just like us. President Scott was a very nice fellow. He was very firm in his instructions to the missionaries.

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