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Patriarchal Blessing upon the head of Lloyd James Bean on of Marcellus Bean and Johanna Edman; born at Provo, Utah, September 27, 1900; given by Patriarch John Donaldson January 5, 1927.

Brother Bean I lay my hands upon your head and seal upon you a patriarchal blessing. You are of the lineage of Joseph through the loins of Ephraim, and you will get all the blessings of that house if you will live for them. You are a noble spirit reserved to come forth at this time and fill a splendid mission. You shall take part in the redemption of Zion and as a missionary shall you preach the gospel in many places at a time when the judgements of God shall be upon the world and you shall witness the overthrow of many nations. Your name is recorded as one of God's elect sons. Therefore, make your calling and election sure. Prepare for this work. Your calling is nigh at hand. Fear no man while on your mission for God will direct all your labors. Be clean and pure in your life and keep the Word of Wisdom and I promise you Satan will never have power to lead you astray. Live for this blessing, for you shall yet preside over many people. And God will give you souls for your hire. The Lord loves you because of the nobility of your spirit. I seal upon your head the blessings of the heavens and the earth. Fear not for your future for if faithful the Lord will provide for you. I seal you up against the power of the destroyer until the day of your redemption. And if faithful till the end shall you stand among the redeemed of this generation. You shall enter the celestial kingdom, have sealed upon your head the gift of endless lives and you shall reign as a king and a priest forever in the presence of your redeemer which I seal upon your head by the authority of the priesthood which I bear and in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

John Donalson, Patriarch