{PICTURE: 55 St Anthony HOME}
About 1940 we bought a home in St. Anthony from Millie's brother-in-law, Jick Hall. It had a basement which was not finished. Up stairs we had two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and dining room combination and a bathroom. The downstairs would flood every year as the sub water in the ground would rise with the watering of the crops. It was a white stucco home. It was located on the road to Teton from St. Anthony on a corner lot and 30 acres of land. The arrangement was that we give Jick Hall the Plymouth as part of the down payment. We had made the move so the kids could attend high school. Wanda had stayed down the previous year with mother Birch for her first year in high school.

We still kept the dry farm and I would go up each spring and stay all

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summer. One of the girls would come up and cook for me when school was out. I worked from daylight until dark so was too tired to get very homesick. The separation was hard for us all, though. At one time when Karma was staying with me I took sick with the chills and fever and was so sick Karma who had never driven the car before had to drive me down to St. Anthony. When we arrived at Chester we needed gas so I told her to pull over to the gas station there. I thought she was going to take out the pump she drove in so close.

{PICTURE: 56 Arlene and Ralph}
Millie, Arlene and Ralph had to pretty much run the St. Anthony farm. They had some problems with people stealing their water turn. They raised one of the prettiest and most productive gardens I had ever seen. The sub irrigation was perfect for that. We raised pasture, hay and grain along with milking cows and raising chickens.

When Ralph was about twelve years old he complained of a stomach ache. I gave him castor oil. That was a mistake. It was his appendix and it had ruptured. When the doctor operated he said Ralph only had a 50-50 chance to live. We almost lost him. He had a tube for drainage in his side for two or three weeks to drain off the infection. We were so thankful he pulled through all right.

While we lived in the St. Anthony Second ward I had served as a counselor in the Elders Quorum and also a Deacons Quorum Advisor. I took several trips with the boys while serving in this calling.

In St. Anthony my life and health were spared and protected in a miraculous way again. My guardian angel seems to have a pretty busy job. I was plowing in the garden with a team on a one bottom plough. I had left them a moment to do something. They got spooked, the next thing I knew they are running across the driveway to the north of the house and onto the front lawn, the plough bouncing up and down and around behind them. I ran towards them thinking to reach out and crab the bridle or reins of the horse closest to me as they ran past. I missed and the horse side stepped putting me right in the middle of the two of them. Though I was knocked to the ground in some miraculous way I was not even scratched. The plough had missed me completely as had their hooves!

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Life goes on at St. Anthony: 1940-1944

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