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On the I January 1958 Millie and I were called to be temple workers in the Idaho Falls, Idaho temple. We served for 17 years under four presidents: Kilpack, Arvie, Smith and Hart. Each one was special in his own way but I remember the great organizational ability of President Kilpa( Kilpack.

We were released in December 1975.

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This was the best assignment I ever had in the church. I was able to do all the parts as an officiator except that of giving the lecture. That seems like a miracle, because I didn't think I could ever memorize all of these parts to go with the different responsibilities. Again the Lord came through and we were magnified beyond our natural ability in doing his works. I enjoyed the work in the baptistry as well as taking the other parts. Millie and I often played the parts of Adam and Eve. The choice people of the earth work in the temple Everyone is so nice to work with Friendships we formed there have endured since. What a blessing to Mother and I to have had the privilege of sharing this together. It strengthened the bond between us.

When I do temple work I feel I'm doing something important to help someone else. I know that they will not all accept it but those who do will be able to go on and progress and I'll have had a little part in that progression. In 1981 I did 180 endowments. This year (1982) I've set a goal for myself of 300. As of this June I've gotten 150, so I'm on schedule. I feel a spirit of real urgency concerning this work.

It is so quiet and peaceful in the temple. I feel closer to the Lord there more than anywhere else.

We went two days a week. We would have to leave about 4 a.m. and somethimes it would be 5 or 6 p.m. before we got done in the evening. They were big long days and hard work, but we were blessed to be able to do it. Our crops seemed to be just as good as I had ever had when I was there every day and it seemed I always had time to do my extra work.

When Millie and I were on the dry farm we would try to take several days in a year as often as we could to go to the Logan temple. It took us out of the complex world and as we did work for someone else we were renewed and lifted up ourselves. It was like getting our spiritual batteries charged.