Millie started school in the Franklin school. Her teacher was an elderly lady by the name of Miss Boston. She was very strict. Millie attended this school for the first and second grades.

When she was about seven her parents bought the house in ST. Anthony and each winter the family moved to town. Millie received the rest of schooling there. She graduated from the eighth grade the year America entered World War I. They were taught to be very patriotic, then. Millie recalls there were meetings often and dances to send the boys off to the war right.

Millie was a good student. She loved books and enjoyed whatever she could get her hands on. She has continued this pastime all her life. Because of this she has become a very knowledgeable lady on many subjects. She graduated from high school in three years. She loved to play basketball (see Lloyd's History for picture) and had to work hard at it. She remembers always being tired. She had a good teacher in business and felt she learned much. She was 17 when she graduated.

Two good friends of these days were Ida Osgothorpe and Melvina Williams. She also had a close relationship with her cousins, particularly Vard Meadows whom she greatly admired all her life.

She was baptized 1 September 1912 at Wilford in a large canal in front of Eric Johnson's home. She was very frightened.