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The children amused themselves with home made games. Hopskotch was a favorite among the girls. They used rocks and would kick them to their goal.

Skating in the winter down on the river was a great favorite. The river would flood over and freeze and was a great skating pond. Everyone, mother, father, brothers and sisters in the whole area skated there. They had skates which clamped to their shoes

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Millie loved horse back riding. She enjoyed fine horses all her life. Once on a trip to Provo she and Lloyd went to see a beautiful white Arabian stallion perform. As his owner put him through the paces she was so delighted.

When Millie was 14 there was a flu epidemic. Nearly everyone had it except her mother. Several people died with it. The members of the church were asked to fast and pray that their lives might be spared.

At fifteen Millie started teaching in Sunday School with a Sister Young who was her model at that time. She was so grateful to her for the good example she set.

Millie was called to be secretary in the St. Anthony Ward MIA organization when she was sixteen. She did this for two years. She also worked on the Stake Board of the Sunday School.

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When seventeen she started dating She had several fellows but she and Lloyd James Bean had met and taken a mutual liking to each other. She liked his clean habits and kind disposition. They went dancing a lot at St. Anthony. There was an orchestra and the hall was full to overflowing.

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Upon graduation she got a job in a general store and made change and kept books. When she did the year's inventory she was off $50.00. She was so worried. When she told the owner he said not to worry as she had done better than any secretary he had had for 15 year. Others were always off $500.00.

She also worked for Judge Jackson of St. Anthony and in the banks and Court House. Then she went to work for George Lowe, an outstanding lawyer. His stenographer had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. She committed suicide. The doctor managed Mr. Lowe's office and knew Millie so hired her. She worked

here two years. She wrote letters, wills, and other official things. At the end of the second year he was transferred to Ogden, Utah towork with the railroad. He wanted Millie to go as his secretary but she decided to get married instead. All her life she had the greatest respect for this man.

At age nineteen, she was called to serve as Stake Sunday School Secretary in the Yellowstone Stake.

She enjoyed going to church. She even remembered a Brother John White who was a good Sunday School teacher.

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