Millie and Lloyd James Bean were married 12 September 1923 in the Salt Lake Temple by Joseph Fielding Smith.

After the marriage they lived in Pocatello, Idaho for six months as Lloyd was working for the Union Pacific Railroad. They then moved to one of father Birch's farms south of St. Anthony for the summer and farmed with Millie's brother, Ernest. It was a drought that year and they did not raise much on account of the very little water. The next year they moved to a dry farm of her fathers which they later bought from him. This was located five miles east of Drummond, Idaho.

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Marriage Application & License for Millie Birch and Lloyd James Bean
{PICTURE: 7a Marriage application -- Lloyd and Millie}
{PICTURE: 7a Marriage license -- Lloyd and Millie}
Obtained from the county Clerk's Office, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, UT

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Times were hard for them on the dry farm. The work was difficult. Water had to be hauled to cook, wash and clean.
There was no electricity or modern conveniences. Everything was done by the sweat of the brow and by hand. They went through the Great Depression years with very little worldly goods. The factor that carried them through was the abundance of love and concern for their children and each other. Lloyd was often despondent which caused Millie to feel down hearted but she tried to cheer him up and maintain an optimistic spirit herself. There were tears of joy and of sorrow as they passed through this refiner's fire together. They learned much and have given a rich legacy of great spiritual gifts to their posterity.