Millie in her own personal history makes these observations about her children who are listed in more detail in her husbands history, "Through The Years".

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{PICTURE: 9 Wanda and Arlene}
Wanda, our first child, was a good baby and readily assumed responsibility as she grew.

Our next, Arlene, was always called the 'tomboy' because she 'just naturally loved to play with boys things and ride horses. She'd rather help her dad than help in the house.

Karma is rather bossy but is a sweet kid and likes affection. She used to like to go with her dad or me after the children at school. Sometimes we made two trips a day to Drummond.

The twins, Ralph David and Ruth Nancy, were born at the ranch home of mother and dad Birch. Mother Birch or Mother Bean usually assisted me at the birth of my children. I felt I could never have gotten along without them. Just their presence gave me the lift I needed.

The twins are so different in looks. Ralph is dark, Ruth is light. Both are full of pep and sometimes when they were little I wondered if I was going to be able to stand all the work. No one will ever know who does not have the same experience how it is for the mother. Lloyd was very good with the children but his work took him outside and away often.

Melva, his sister, came to help a couple of months as my health was slow in coming back after the birth of the twins."

When first going to the dry farm there was no church near. Millie and Lloyd did not have a car so could not attend meetings. She missed this as she was used to going to church regularly. After Karma's birth in 1928 they were able to buy a new car and then attended the Farnum Ward where they were of record. In this ward Millie served in the Primary Presidency, was also a teacher of the Old Testament class in the Sunday School.

Lloyd took care of the blessing of all the children except for Wanda, Arlene and Linda. Millie was always so proud of him when he did this.

In the year 1933 Millie and Lloyd went to the Logan temple on an excursion to do work for the dead. They enjoyed it so much and Millie felt it changed their lives by showing them the worthwhile things that are spiritual. She felt their home was a much happier place after that. It seemed to bring a focus and a peace to their relationship.

1934 was a record breaker as to drought and heat. The crops were poor but this family were blessed with enough to get by. They attributed this to the kind Providence of a loving Father In Heaven.

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Again in 1936 extreme weather conditions prevailed with a severe winter of deep snows and cold weather - the worst in their 11 years on the farm and a heavy cricket infestation in the Egin Bench area.

Quoting from Millie's history you will note her great concern with local and world events, her feelings as they might affect their lives

About this time "the bishop organized a Branch Sunday School at Frans Siding (which was about a mile and a half from their home) last winter and we all enjoyed it very much. Lloyd was called to be Superintendent and now he as been appointed 2nd Assistant at Farnum. I feel it will do him good" and it did.

On February 7, 1938, she makes this entry: "Have carried on our little Sunday School and all are recei ing much good.
Lloyd was called on a mission to Egin Bench Ward. It has done him much good and I feel that the Lord is blessing us."

September 28, 1938: "Our spring was backward and our crops are fair. We feel blessed though even if prices are low as
there is much distress among people even in this land of plenty. War clouds are hanging over Europe and it seems almost im-
possible to avert war. But all Latter-Day Saints should see the hand of God in all things as people are to prone to
worship the things of the world."

"Our own little family is doing well. We had hoped to move this year but had to send Wanda down this fall to live with mother Birch to attend High School."

"Reed Birch, my brother, is moving down this fall from the dry farm and we shall miss them very much. It will surely be lonesome without them."

"Karen is talking so much this fall and plays cutting out a good deal of the time. Ralph is growing fast and is a sweet kid. Ruth seems inclined to forget things or does not pay attention while being told, but she will probably outgrow it. Karma is a good little worker. She has had to take Wanda's place since she left and I find her very good. Arlene is doing good with her music and is such an obedient girl. All in all I doubt if any mother was ever blessed with better children. May the Lord always help to keep their footsteps in the right paths."

{PICTURE: 10 Lloyd's string of horses before the days of the tractor.}