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A Patriarchal Blessing on the head of Millie Birch, daughter of David Birch and Nancy Eldredge Garn; born at Wilford, Idaho, April lth, 1904; given June 3, 1923 by John Donaldson, Patriarch.

Sister Birch I lay my hands upon your head and I seal upon you the blessing of God. You are of the lineage of Ephraim and you are entitled to all the blessings a woman can receive in this generation. You are a noble spirit, chosen before you were born, and sent here to be tried and tested and to prove yourself worthy of celestial exaltation. Be clean in thought and action, keep the Word of Wisdom and I will promise you you will never fall away from the truth, but shall live to perform a great and a mighty work to the honor of God and to your own blessing. You were faithful in the past and the Lord loves you. He will watch over and guard you by night and by day if you will be obedient and keep your covenants. You shall never want for the blessings of the heavens or of the earth for I seal them upon you with the gift of intuition; for from this day power is given to you to read the hearts of all with whom you associaate and I warn you heed the promptings of that spirit for in it lies your safety. I bless you with the desire of your heart that prompted you to come for this blessing and the Lord will grant it unto you. Your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. You are an elect daughter of Zion. You shall preach the Gospel unto many people and give you souls for your hire. Be true to the Priesthood who has called you. Honor and obeythem and if faithful to the end, with a beloved companion you shall enter the celestial kingdom and have sealed upon your head the gift of endless lives, and you shall reign as a queen forever in the presence of your Redeemer. This blessing shall be fulfilled to the very letter, for I seal it upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Signed: John Donaldson, Patriarch.